Toffee Linen Table Cloth


Our range of Linen Table Cloths are designed with covering all four sides of your table in mind.

The XL Size, with a length of 6.6m and a width of 3m, this cloth covers all four sides of the tables. With 6.6m of length, you can cover two 2.4m Tables in a row, and therefore requiring only 1 cloth per 2 tables. Or 1 cloth per 2.5 1.8m tables.

The M Size, with a length of 4.4m and a width of 3m, will cover 2 x 1.8m tables in a row.

Available in White, Beige, Natural, Charcoal, Olive, Ballet, Toffee, Baby Pink, Clay & Melon. Custom colours can be made on request.

Dry cleaning charge of $79 applies per cloth.

XL Dimensions: 3m (W) x 6.6m m (L)

M Dimensions: 3m (W) x 4.4m (L)

XS Dimensions: 2.5 (W) x 4 (L)